High Flight Academy offers students time in a Redbird FMX Flight Simulator for pilot training. The full-motion Redbird Flight Simulator lets you experience flight without ever leaving the ground. Learn the ropes or build currency with wrap-around visuals, comprehensive flight controls and a realistic training environment.

High Flight Academy is one of the only flight schools in western Pennsylvania that offers the opportunity for our private pilot students to leverage the latest in simulator technology today. High Flight Academy is committed to excellence in training by bringing you the best instructors, and the latest in technology. By combining traditional training with our Redbird full motion flight simulator, our students have the ability to achieve their goals faster and for less money.

The Redbird Flight Simulator will provide you, as a student, a training environment to practice specific flight maneuvers regardless of the weather outside. You can practice every flight maneuver required for your private pilot license at your own pace and in a comfortable environment. Our students have the opportunity to build their skills in the Redbird simulator that they can then demonstrate in the Aircraft. It’s simple — you will learn more, faster, and for less money, so join our family of pilots at High Flight Academy to start your path to becoming a pilot too!

Missions Available

Private Pilot
IFR Training
Instrument Proficiency
Sharpen Your Skills
Guided Independent Flight Training (G.I.F.T.) for Private Pilot Students
Confident Co-Pilot
Just For Fun

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Redbird Course Offerings

For Professional Pilots and Experienced Private Pilots
The Redbird Simulator is a fantastic tool for the private or commercial pilot dedicated to maintaining instrument currency and keeping skills sharp when they can’t be flying the real thing. More than 20 aviation authorities have approved the FMX, including the FAA and EASA.

You can practice every flight maneuver required to keep your pilot license current, practice your skills, or just have fun, in a comfortable environment for less money. With our Redbird Flight Simulator, you can practice landings, IFR procedures, emergency procedures, and aircraft malfunctions, all while staying safe. You can choose to fly a single engine Cessna 172 or a twin-engine Piper Seneca.

5-Hour Winter Flying Package – $425 plus tax

Includes free 1-hour instructor time to learn how to use the simulator

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For New Students
High Flight Academy welcomes you to your first flight training session in our state of the art Redbird Flight Simulator. Finding the right flight school that fits your needs, schedule and learning style is essential. We welcome you to experience the difference with our customized, personalized approach in flight training. Our team is dedicated to providing an exceptional experience by integrating the latest technology & traditional flight training to ensure every flight lesson is educational, efficient, and of course, fun!

Curious, but not quite ready to get into a real cockpit? Logging time in our Redbird Simulator’s low-stakes, highly-realistic environment is a great stepping stone in your journey to becoming a certified pilot. Many of our students either start out with the Redbird Simulator or supplement their first few flights with simulator time in order to build competencies and feel more comfortable when they do get into the air. In the simulator, you’ll learn the controls and mechanics of flying. You’ll also learn about pitch, yaw and roll, as well as how to adapt to different weather conditions and environments. We can even simulate emergencies so you’ll be prepared for anything.

1- Hour Discovery Flight Package – $99

Learn Your Instruments
Guided Independent Flight Training (G.I.F.T.) Program Demo
Basic Aircraft Maneuvers
Take-Off and Landing

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