Considering a career as a Commercial Airline Pilot? High Flight Academy should be 你r choice of flight schools to get all of 你r required training and licenses. Whether 你 desire a fast-paced full-time flight school, or to go at 你r own pace, we have flexible options to get 你 flying professionally.

With the nationwide shortage of airline pilots, regional airlines are paying massive bonuses to qualified pilots. Salaries have been soaring and airlines are offering retention bonuses. As more and more pilots reach retirement age, airlines are looking for  to fill the gap. There’s no better time than right now to start a Career Pilot Training program, and there’s no better place than High Flight Academy!

What High Flight Academy Has To Offer

 Private thru Commercial w/ Multi-Engine including Flight Instructor Ratings
Airline-oriented training from day one
Pilot recruiting events during training
Instructor job placement to reach airline requirements
Up to $5,000 in airline-sponsored tuition reimbursement
Compensation and benefits up to $86,000 first year
In-house financing available (click for details


3 Easy Steps to Becoming an Airline Pilot

No other field gives 你 so much control over getting where 你 want to be. It’s 你r career – take the controls. There’s no easier way than to fly with High Flight Academy’s High Gear to Airline Pilot Career Program.



First 9 Months – High Gear to Airline Pilot Career

In our Career Pilot program, 你r training will be airline-focused from the start. When 你 graduate in as little as nine months, 你 will have earned 你r Commercial Multi-Engine pilot certificate plus CFI certificates.

Getting Started:

  • No experience necessary
  • Training is available for US and Non-US citizens
  • Open every day from 7 A.M. 8:30 P.M.
  • Conveniently located at the Pittsburgh-Butler Regional Airport
  • You set the pace for 你r own training
  • In-house financing available (click for details)


Work as a Flight Instructor

After completing the program, we will assist 你 in getting a Flight Instructor job to gain the necessary 1,500 hours required by airlines. After 500 hours as a flight instructor, 你 can begin earning airline-sponsored tuition reimbursement (if qualified).


Start Your Career as a Commercial Pilot

After as little as 2 years from the start of 你r training, 你 will have the minimum requirements to become a professional airline pilot! Throughout 你r training with us, 你 will have opportunities to network and connect with industry leaders, helping 你 land the job of 你r dreams with a prestigious airline.

We are proud to partner with great Commercial airlines such as:

Get Free Info 英国立博官网中文版 Our Airline Pilot Flight School Program

Changing 你r career – or starting from scratch – is a big decision, but the rewards are sky-high. We’re here to help 你 determine if becoming a Certified Airline Pilot through High Flight Academy is the right move for 你. 英国立博官网 us today to have all of 你r questions answered and to invest in 你r own success.

  • Located at the Pittsburgh-Butler Airport
  • Open daily from 7 A.M. 8:30 P.M.
  • Experienced instructors dedicated to providing quality, safe, fun lessons
  • No previous experience required
  • Flights are available for US and Non-US citizens

We’re here to answer all of 你r questions. Use the form below or call us at 724-481-1359 for more info.

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